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Welcome to the Bogart's Gifts! We have been faithfully serving and providing Michigan made gifts and products for over 15 years to people through the entire continental United States. Exclusive design techniques, personal customer service, outstanding product selection and the ability to create baskets-on-demand are notable qualities customers have come to expect at Bogart’s. Some of the typical Bogart's customers are people that were born and raised in Detroit and have moved out of the area yet want to remain loyal to unique Michigan products and brands.



Shipping Win Schuler's Cheese has always been tricky to ship but it is now totally out of my control.

UPS has advised that most deliveries take 1 additional day to arrive.  This means if it normally takes 3 days to arrive it will now take 4 and no guarantees.  

This will not be a problem if you live somewhere with cold temperatures.  But it will be impossible to ship to warm/hot west coast states and some southern states.  If the order is going to a location with the temp over 60 degrees I will not be able to fulfill that order.  Orders will be sent out as soon as possible.  Please do not have an absolute date of when you need your order.  The tracking number will be emailed to you by UPS when the shipping label is created.  Please be patient and order EARLY!


The current circumstances are causing businesses unbelievable hardships and affecting our ability to operate partially or perhaps not at all - Bogart's included.

I will do my best to get Win Schuler's to you.  I want satisfied customers and also not lose money.

Thank you for your support and understanding.